. About Us

“Duang Tawan Petch Group” has a great inspiration to keep our land abundance to pass to the next generation.
So we started with two little hands and one spirit heart following the Bio Organic Agriculture way.
We gradually grow from the famers’ valuable experience, we are the farmers’ friends, we listen to what the land says and we learn from what the nature do.
“Duang Tawan Petch Group” has an inestimable with the advance technology of our laboratories & manufacturer that do the researc h continuously.
We assure the ultimate organic fertilizer which optimize to each plant and land effectively for support the variety of Agriculture that significant growth in the present and future.
“Duang Tawan Petch Group” firmly grows on the “Quality” which makes our products unique and most reliable from Thai farmers all over the country for a decade.
We keep moving forward to the higher success because “The Farmers’ Smile is Our Happiness”
“Duang Tawan Petch” has our own factory with ISO 9001 certificated that makes us outstanding like no others.
Starting from select only premium raw materials, the High Quality Control, the Inspection Management System and the Good Logistics Management.
We assure you will have the best quality of our fertilizer in every bag.

- The best quality

- Quality control laboratories

- Professional research team

- Quality control every step of production.

- Efficient transportation